Diet Pi – Raspbian Jessie Lite

7Mar - by Simon - 0 - In SysAdmin

raspbian jessie liteJust a quick note, courtesy of jahboater, of what is included in the Jessie Lite version of Raspbian. This is a smaller Raspbian distro build without the UI and other bigger pieces of software such as Java, OpenOffice, Wolfram etc. It does include APT tools, full networking, perl, python, the GNU C and C++ compilers, and OpenSSL – all fine and dandy for a minimal Linux build, without the overhead of X windows and other superfluous crap.

The package list is:

aptitude		terminal-based package manager
aptitude-common		architecture independent files for the aptitude package m
avahi-daemon            Avahi mDNS/DNS-SD daemon
base-files              Debian base system miscellaneous files
base-passwd             Debian base system master password and group files
bash    		GNU Bourne Again SHell
bash-completion         programmable completion for the bash shell
bind9-host              Version of 'host' bundled with BIND 9.X
binutils2.25-5          GNU assembler, linker and binary utilities
bsdmainutils            collection of more utilities from FreeBSD
bsdutils1:2.25.2-6      basic utilities from 4.4BSD-Lite
build-essential         Informational list of build-essential packages
bzip2   1.0.6-7         high-quality block-sorting file compressor - utilities
ca-certificates         Common CA certificates
cifs-utils              Common Internet File System utilities
console-setup           console font and keymap setup program
console-setup-linux     Linux specific part of console-setup
coreutils               GNU core utilities
cpio    		GNU cpio -- a program to manage archives of files
cpp     		GNU C preprocessor (cpp)
cpp-4.9 		GNU C preprocessor
crda    		wireless Central Regulatory Domain Agent
cron    		process scheduling daemon
curl    		command line tool for transferring data with URL syntax
dash    		POSIX-compliant shell
dbus    		simple interprocess messaging system (daemon and utilitie
dc      		GNU dc arbitrary precision reverse-polish calculator
debconf 		Debian configuration management system
debconf-i18n            full internationalization support for debconf
debconf-utils           debconf utilities
debianutils             Miscellaneous utilities specific to Debian
dhcpcd5 6.7.1-1+rpi5    DHCPv4, IPv6RA and DHCPv6 client with IPv4LL support
diffutils               File comparison utilities
dmidecode               SMBIOS/DMI table decoder
dmsetup 2:1.02.90-2.2   Linux Kernel Device Mapper userspace library
dosfstools              utilities for making and checking MS-DOS FAT filesystems
dphys-swapfile          Autogenerate and use a swap file
dpkg    	        Debian package management system
dpkg-dev1.17.25         Debian package development tools
e2fslibs:armhf          ext2/ext3/ext4 file system libraries
e2fsprogs               ext2/ext3/ext4 file system utilities
ed         	        classic UNIX line editor
fake-hwclock            Save/restore system clock on machines without working RTC
fakeroot1.20.2-1        tool for simulating superuser privileges
fbset   		framebuffer device maintenance program
file    		Determines file type using "magic" numbers
findutils               utilities for finding files--find, xargs
firmware-atheros        Binary firmware for Atheros wireless cards
firmware-brcm80211      Binary firmware for Broadcom 802.11 wireless cards
firmware-libertas       Binary firmware for Marvell Libertas 8xxx wireless cards
firmware-ralink         Binary firmware for Ralink wireless cards
firmware-realtek        Binary firmware for Realtek wired and wireless network ad
g++     	   	GNU C++ compiler
g++-4.9 		GNU C++ compiler
gcc     		GNU C compiler
gcc-4.6-base:armhf      GCC, the GNU Compiler Collection (base package)
gcc-4.7-base:armhf      GCC, the GNU Compiler Collection (base package)
gcc-4.8-base:armhf      GCC, the GNU Compiler Collection (base package)
gcc-4.9 		GNU C compiler
gcc-4.9-base:armhf      GCC, the GNU Compiler Collection (base package)
gdb     		GNU Debugger
gdbserver               GNU Debugger (remote server)
geoip-database          IP lookup command line tools that use the GeoIP library (
gnupg   		GNU privacy guard - a free PGP replacement
gpgv    		GNU privacy guard - signature verification tool
grep    		GNU grep, egrep and fgrep
groff-base              GNU troff text-formatting system (base system components)
gzip    		GNU compression utilities
hardlink		Hardlinks multiple copies of the same file
hostname		utility to set/show the host name or domain name
ifupdown		high level tools to configure network interfaces
info    		Standalone GNU Info documentation browser
init    		System-V-like init utilities - metapackage
init-system-helpers     helper tools for all init systems
initramfs-tools         generic modular initramfs generator
initscripts             scripts for initializing and shutting down the system
insserv 		boot sequence organizer using LSB init.d script dependenc
install-info            Manage installed documentation in info format
iproute			networking and traffic control tools
iptables		administration tools for packet filtering and NAT
iputils-ping            Tools to test the reachability of network hosts
isc-dhcp-client         DHCP client for automatically obtaining an IP address
isc-dhcp-common         common files used by all of the isc-dhcp packages
iw      		tool for configuring Linux wireless devices
kbd     		Linux console font and keytable utilities
keyboard-configuration  system-wide keyboard preferences
klibc-utils             small utilities built with klibc for early boot
kmod    	        tools for managing Linux kernel modules
krb5-locales            Internationalization support for MIT Kerberos
less    		pager program similar to more
libacl			Access control list shared library
libalgorithm-c3-perl    Perl module for merging hierarchies using the C3 algorith
libalgorithm-diff-perl  module to find differences between files
libalgorithm-diff-xs-perl  module to find differences between files (XS accelerated)
libalgorithm-merge-perl Perl module for three-way merge of textual data
libapt-inst1.5:armhf    deb package format runtime library
libapt-pkg4.12:armhf    package management runtime library
libarchive-extract-perl generic archive extracting module
libasan1:armhf          AddressSanitizer -- a fast memory error detector
libasound2:armhf        shared library for ALSA applications
libasound2-data         Configuration files and profiles for ALSA drivers
libatomic1:armhf        support library providing __atomic built-in functions
libattr1:armhf          Extended attribute shared library
libaudit-common         Dynamic library for security auditing - common files
libaudit1:armhf         Dynamic library for security auditing
libavahi-common-data:armhf Avahi common data files
libavahi-common3:armhf  Avahi common library
libavahi-core7:armhf    Avahi's embeddable mDNS/DNS-SD library
libbind9-90             BIND9 Shared Library used by BIND
libblkid1:armhf         block device id library
libboost-iostreams1.49.0   Boost.Iostreams Library
libboost-iostreams1.50.0   Boost.Iostreams Library
libboost-iostreams1.53.0   Boost.Iostreams Library
libboost-iostreams1.54.0:a Boost.Iostreams Library
libboost-iostreams1.55.0:a Boost.Iostreams Library
libbsd0:0.7.0-2         utility functions from BSD systems - shared library
libbz2-1.0:armhf        high-quality block-sorting file compressor library - runt
libc-bin2.19-18+deb8u1  GNU C Library: Binaries
libc-dev-bin            GNU C Library: Development binaries
libc6:  2.19-18+deb8u1  GNU C Library: Shared libraries
libc6-dbg:armhf         GNU C Library: detached debugging symbols
libc6-dev:armhf         GNU C Library: Development Libraries and Header Files
libcap-ng0:armhf        An alternate POSIX capabilities library
libcap2:1:2.24-8        POSIX 1003.1e capabilities (library)
libcap2-bin             POSIX 1003.1e capabilities (utilities)
libcgi-fast-perl        CGI subclass for work with FCGI
libcgi-pm-perl          module for Common Gateway Interface applications
libclass-c3-perl        pragma for using the C3 method resolution order
libclass-c3-xs-perl     Perl module to accelerate Class::C3
libcloog-isl4:armhf     Chunky Loop Generator (runtime library)
libcomerr2:armhf        common error description library
libcpan-meta-perl       Perl module to access CPAN distributions metadata
libcryptsetup4:armhf    disk encryption support - shared library
libcurl3:armhf          easy-to-use client-side URL transfer library (OpenSSL fla
libcwidget3:armhf       high-level terminal interface library for C++ (runtime fi
libdaemon0:armhf        lightweight C library for daemons - runtime library
libdata-optlist-perl    module to parse and validate simple name/value option pair
libdata-section-perl    module to read chunks of data from a module's DATA sectio
libdb5.3:armhf          Berkeley v5.3 Database Libraries [runtime]
libdbus-1-3:armhf       simple interprocess messaging system (library)
libdebconfclient0:armhf Debian Configuration Management System (C-implementation
libdevmapper1.02.1:armhf Linux Kernel Device Mapper userspace library
libdns-export100        Exported DNS Shared Library
libdns100               DNS Shared Library used by BIND
libdpkg-perl            Dpkg perl modules
libdrm2:2.4.58-2        Userspace interface to kernel DRM services -- runtime
libedit2:armhf          BSD editline and history libraries
libestr00.1.9-1.1       Helper functions for handling strings (lib)
libevent-2.0-5:armhf    Asynchronous event notification library
libexpat1:armhf         XML parsing C library - runtime library
libfakeroot:armhf       tool for simulating superuser privileges - shared librari
libfcgi-perl            helper module for FastCGI
libffi6:3.1-2           Foreign Function Interface library runtime
libfile-fcntllock-perl  Perl module for file locking with fcntl(2)
libfreetype6:armhf      FreeType 2 font engine, shared library files
libfreetype6-dev        FreeType 2 font engine, development files
libgcc-4.9-dev:armhf    GCC support library (development files)
libgcc1:1:4.9.2-10      GCC support library
libgcrypt20:armhf       LGPL Crypto library - runtime library
libgdbm3:armhf          GNU dbm database routines (runtime version)
libgeoip1:armhf         non-DNS IP-to-country resolver library
libglib2.0-0:armhf      GLib library of C routines
libglib2.0-data         Common files for GLib library
libgmp10:armhf          Multiprecision arithmetic library
libgnutls-deb0-28:armhf GNU TLS library - main runtime library
libgnutls-openssl27:armhf GNU TLS library - OpenSSL wrapper
libgomp1:armhf          GCC OpenMP (GOMP) support library
libgpg-error0:armhf     library for common error values and messages in GnuPG com
libgssapi-krb5-2:armhf  MIT Kerberos runtime libraries - krb5 GSS-API Mechanism
libhogweed2:armhf       low level cryptographic library (public-key cryptos)
libicu52:armhf          International Components for Unicode
libident0.22-3          simple RFC1413 client library - runtime
libidn11:armhf          GNU Libidn library, implementation of IETF IDN specificat
libirs-export91         Exported IRS Shared Library
libisc-export95         xported ISC Shared Library
libisc			ISC Shared Library used by BIND
libisccc90              Command Channel Library used by BIND
libisccfg-export90      Exported ISC CFG Shared Library
libisccfg90             Config File Handling Library used by BIND
libisl10:armhf          manipulating sets and relations of integer points bounded
libiw30:30~pre9-8       Wireless tools - library
libjpeg62-turbo:armhf   libjpeg-turbo JPEG runtime library
libjson-c2:armhf        JSON manipulation library - shared library
libk5crypto3:armhf      MIT Kerberos runtime libraries - Crypto Library
libkeyutils1:armhf      Linux Key Management Utilities (library)
libklibc2.0.4-2+rpi1    minimal libc subset for use with initramfs
libkmod2:armhf          libkmod shared library
libkrb5-3:armhf         MIT Kerberos runtime libraries
libkrb5support0:armhf   MIT Kerberos runtime libraries - Support library
libldap-2.4-2:armhf     OpenLDAP libraries
liblocale-gettext-perl  module using libc functions for internationalization in P
liblog-message-perl     powerful and flexible message logging mechanism
liblog-message-simple-perl simplified interface to Log::Message
liblogging-stdlog0:armhf easy to use and lightweight logging library
liblognorm1:armhf       Log normalizing library
libluajit-5.1-common    Just in time compiler for Lua - common files
liblwres90              Lightweight Resolver Library used by BIND
liblzma5:armhf          XZ-format compression library
libmagic1:armhf         File type determination library using "magic" numbers
libmodule-build-perl    framework for building and installing Perl modules
libmodule-pluggable-perl module for giving  modules the ability to have plugins
libmodule-signature-perl module to manipulate CPAN SIGNATURE files
libmount1:armhf         device mounting library
libmpc3:1.0.2-1         multiple precision complex floating-point library
libmpfr4:armhf          multiple precision floating-point computation
libmro-compat-perl      mro::* interface compatibility for Perls < 5.9.5
libncurses5:armhf       shared libraries for terminal handling
libncurses5-dev:armhf   developer's libraries for ncurses
libncursesw5:armhf      shared libraries for terminal handling (wide character su
libnettle4:armhf        low level cryptographic library (symmetric and one-way cr
libnewt0.52:armhf       Not Erik's Windowing Toolkit - text mode windowing with s
libnfnetlink0:armhf     Netfilter netlink library
libnfsidmap2:armhf      NFS idmapping library
libnih-dbus1            NIH D-Bus Bindings Library
libnih1 1.0.3-4.3       NIH Utility Library
libnl-3-200:armhf       library for dealing with netlink sockets
libnl-genl-3-200:armhf  library for dealing with netlink sockets - generic netlin
libnss-mdns:armhf       NSS module for Multicast DNS name resolution
libopts25:armhf         automated option processing library based on autogen
libp11-kit0:armhf       Library for loading and coordinating access to PKCS#11 mo
libpackage-constants-perl List constants defined in a package
libpam-modules:armhf    Pluggable Authentication Modules for PAM
libpam-modules-bin      Pluggable Authentication Modules for PAM - helper binarie
libpam-runtime          Runtime support for the PAM library
libpam0g:armhf          Pluggable Authentication Modules library
libparams-util-perl     Perl extension for simple stand-alone param checking func
libparted2:armhf        disk partition manipulator - shared library
libpcre3:armhf          Perl 5 Compatible Regular Expression Library - runtime fi
libpcsclite1:armhf      Middleware to access a smart card using PC/SC (library)
libpipeline1:armhf      pipeline manipulation library
libpng12-0:armhf        PNG library - runtime
libpng12-dev:armhf      PNG library - development
libpod-latex-perl       module to convert Pod data to formatted LaTeX
libpod-readme-perl      Perl module to convert POD to README file
libpopt0:armhf          lib for parsing cmdline parameters
libprocps3:armhf        library for accessing process information from /proc
libpsl0:0.5.1-1         Library for Public Suffix List (shared libraries)
libpython-stdlib:armhf  interactive high-level object-oriented language (default
libpython2.7:armhf      Shared Python runtime library (version 2.7)
libpython2.7-minimal:armhf Minimal subset of the Python language (version 2.7)
libpython2.7-stdlib:armhf Interactive high-level object-oriented language (standard
libraspberrypi-bin      Miscellaneous Raspberry Pi utilities
libraspberrypi-dev      EGL/GLES/OpenVG/etc. libraries for the Raspberry Pi's Vid
libraspberrypi-doc      EGL/GLES/OpenVG/etc. libraries for the Raspberry Pi's Vid
libraspberrypi0         EGL/GLES/OpenVG/etc. libraries for the Raspberry Pi's Vid
libreadline6:armhf      GNU readline and history libraries, run-time libraries
libregexp-common-perl   module with common regular expressions
librtmp1:armhf          toolkit for RTMP streams (shared library)
libsamplerate0:armhf    Audio sample rate conversion library
libsasl2-2:armhf        Cyrus SASL - authentication abstraction library
libsasl2-modules:armhf  Cyrus SASL - pluggable authentication modules
libsasl2-modules-db:armhf Cyrus SASL - pluggable authentication modules (DB)
libselinux1:armhf       SELinux runtime shared libraries
libsemanage-common      Common files for SELinux policy management libraries
libsemanage1:armhf      SELinux policy management library
libsepol1:armhf         SELinux library for manipulating binary security policies
libsigc++-1.2-5c2       type-safe Signal Framework for C++ - runtime
libsigc++-2.0-0c2a:armhf type-safe Signal Framework for C++ - runtime
libslang2:armhf         S-Lang programming library - runtime version
libsmartcols1:armhf     smart column output alignment library
libsoftware-license-perl module providing templated software licenses
libsqlite3-0:armhf      SQLite 3 shared library
libss2: 1.42.12-1.1     command-line interface parsing library
libssh2-1:armhf         SSH2 client-side library
libssl1.0.0:armhf       Secure Sockets Layer toolkit - shared libraries
libstdc++-4.9-dev:armhf GNU Standard C++ Library v3 (development files)
libstdc++6:armhf        GNU Standard C++ Library v3
libsub-exporter-perl    sophisticated exporter for custom-built routines
libsub-install-perl     module for installing subroutines into packages easily
libsysfs2:armhf         interface library to sysfs
libsystemd0:armhf       systemd utility library
libtalloc2:armhf        hierarchical pool based memory allocator
libtasn1-6:armhf        Manage ASN.1 structures (runtime)
libterm-ui-perl         Term::ReadLine UI made easy
libtext-charwidth-perl  get display widths of characters on the terminal
libtext-iconv-perl      converts between character sets in Perl
libtext-soundex-perl    implementation of the soundex algorithm
libtext-template-perl   perl module to process text templates
libtext-wrapi18n-perl   internationalized substitute of Text::Wrap
libtimedate-perl        collection of modules to manipulate date/time information
libtinfo-dev:armhf      developer's library for the low-level terminfo library
libtinfo5:armhf         shared low-level terminfo library for terminal handling
libtirpc1:armhf         transport-independent RPC library
libubsan0:armhf         UBSan -- undefined behaviour sanitizer (runtime)
libudev0:armhf          libudev shared library
libudev1:armhf          libudev shared library
libusb-0.1-4:armhf      userspace USB programming library
libusb-1.0-0:armhf      userspace USB programming library
libustr-1.0-1:armhf     Micro string library: shared library
libuuid1:armhf          Universally Unique ID library
libv4l-0:armhf          Collection of video4linux support libraries
libv4l2rds0:armhf       Video4Linux Radio Data System (RDS) decoding library
libv4lconvert0:armhf    Video4linux frame format conversion library
libwbclient0:armhf      Samba winbind client library
libwrap0:armhf          Wietse Venema's TCP wrappers library
libx11-6:armhf          X11 client-side library
libx11-data             X11 client-side library
libxapian22             Search engine library
libxau6:1:1.0.8-1       X11 authorisation library
libxcb1:1.10-3          X C Binding
libxdmcp6:armhf         X11 Display Manager Control Protocol library
libxext6:armhf          X11 miscellaneous extension library
libxml2:2.9.1+dfsg1-5   GNOME XML library
libxmuu1:armhf          X11 miscellaneous micro-utility library
libxtables10            netfilter xtables library
linux-libc-dev:armhf    Linux support headers for userspace development
locales 		GNU C Library: National Language (locale) data [support]
login   		system login tools
logrotate               Log rotation utility
lsb-base		Linux Standard Base 4.1 init script functionality
lua5.1  		Simple, extensible, embeddable programming language
luajit  		Just in time compiler for Lua programming language versio
make    		utility for directing compilation
makedev 		creates device files in /dev
man-db  		on-line manual pager
manpages		Manual pages about using a GNU/Linux system
manpages-dev            Manual pages about using GNU/Linux for development
mawk    		a pattern scanning and text processing language
mime-support            MIME files 'mime.types' & 'mailcap', and support programs
module-init-tools       transitional dummy package (module-init-tools to kmod)
mount   		Tools for mounting and manipulating filesystems
mountall		filesystem mounting tool
multiarch-support       Transitional package to ensure multiarch compatibility
nano    		small, friendly text editor inspired by Pico
ncdu    		ncurses disk usage viewer
ncurses-base            basic terminal type definitions
ncurses-bin             terminal-related programs and man pages
ncurses-doc             developer's guide and documentation for ncurses
ncurses-term            additional terminal type definitions
net-tools               NET-3 networking toolkit
netbase 5.3             Basic TCP/IP networking system
netcat-openbsd          TCP/IP swiss army knife
netcat-traditional      TCP/IP swiss army knife
nfs-common              NFS support files common to client and server
ntp     		Network Time Protocol daemon and utility programs
openresolv              management framework for resolv.conf
openssh-client          secure shell (SSH) client, for secure access to remote ma
openssh-server          secure shell (SSH) server, for secure access from remote
openssh-sftp-server     secure shell (SSH) sftp server module, for SFTP access fr
openssl 		Secure Sockets Layer toolkit - cryptographic utility
parted  		disk partition manipulator
passwd  		change and administer password and group data
patch   		Apply a diff file to an original
perl    		Larry Wall's Practical Extraction and Report Language
perl-base               minimal Perl system
perl-modules            Core Perl modules
pkg-config              manage compile and link flags for libraries
plymouth		boot animation, logger and I/O multiplexer
procps  		 /proc file system utilities
psmisc  		utilities that use the proc file system
python  		interactive high-level object-oriented language (default
python-minimal          minimal subset of the Python language (default version)
python-rpi.gpio         Python GPIO module for Raspberry Pi
python2.7               Interactive high-level object-oriented language (version
python2.7-minimal       Minimal subset of the Python language (version 2.7)
raspberrypi-bootloader  Raspberry Pi bootloader
raspbian-archive-keyring GnuPG archive keys of the raspbian archive
raspi-config            Raspberry Pi configuration tool
raspi-copies-and-fills  ARM-accelerated versions of selected functions from strin
readline-common         GNU readline and history libraries, common files
rename  	        Perl extension for renaming multiple files
rpcbind 		converts RPC program numbers into universal addresses
rsyslog 		reliable system and kernel logging daemon
samba-common            common files used by both the Samba server and client
sed     		The GNU sed stream editor
sensible-utils          Utilities for sensible alternative selection
sgml-base               SGML infrastructure and SGML catalog file support
shared-mime-info shared MIME database and spec
ssh    			secure shell client and server (metapackage)
startpar		run processes in parallel and multiplex their output
strace  		System call tracer
sudo    		Provide limited super user privileges to specific users
systemd 		system and service manager
systemd-sysv            system and service manager - SysV links
sysv-rc 		System-V-like runlevel change mechanism
sysvinit-utils          System-V-like utilities
tar     		GNU version of the tar archiving utility
tasksel 		tool for selecting tasks for installation on Debian syste
tasksel-data            official tasks used for installation of Debian systems
tcpd    		Wietse Venema's TCP wrapper utilities
traceroute              Traces the route taken by packets over an IPv4/IPv6 netwo
triggerhappy            global hotkey daemon for Linux
tzdata  		time zone and daylight-saving time data
ucf     		Update Configuration File(s): preserve user changes to co
udev    		/dev/ and hotplug management daemon
unzip   		De-archiver for .zip files
usbutils		Linux USB utilities
util-linux              Miscellaneous system utilities
v4l-utils               Collection of command line video4linux utilities
vim-common              Vi IMproved - Common files
vim-tiny		Vi IMproved - enhanced vi editor - compact version
wget			retrieves files from the web
whiptail		Displays user-friendly dialog boxes from shell scripts
wireless-regdb          wireless regulatory database
wireless-tools          Tools for manipulating Linux Wireless Extensions
wpasupplicant           client support for WPA and WPA2 (IEEE 802.11i)
xauth   		X authentication utility
xdg-user-dirs           tool to manage well known user directories
xkb-data		X Keyboard Extension (XKB) configuration data
xml-core		XML infrastructure and XML catalog file support
xz-utils		XZ-format compression utilities
zlib1g			compression library - runtime
zlib1g-dev:armhf        compression library - development


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